Feed Optimization

Feeds That Work

Optimize your shopping feeds for maximum exposure and ROAS. Take advantage of supported attributes per channel and ensure that your catalog doesn't carry dead weight.

Does Your Catalog Make the Grade?

Sending well formatted feeds is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to get the maximum ROAS from your campaigns, you need to weed-out the under-performers. Our feed optimization service helps you to do exactly that.


Like most of our offerings, WesData's feed optimization service is customized to meet your needs. We begin with SKU-level sales and click data that is collected on a periodic basis. This data is analyzed using a proprietary method, and the results are used to rank your products based on their performance by partner. Final rankings are combined with flexible thresholds and custom rules that you define to determine which products make it into specific partner feeds. The end result drastically improves your ROAS.


At the core of our optimization service is an advanced weighting algorithm, which considers product aspects, age, conversion rates, value, and other factors, as well as arbitrary weighting that you can apply. Under-performers can be identified and excluded, saving ad-spend for items that perform. Perennial performers gain momentum that insures their ongoing inclusion.